A Memento For Rudy

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Horse Hair Bracelet by TailSpinBracelets.comWhen Rudy had to be put down, I saved a strand of his tail hair to have something made to remember him by.  In the days following his death, I did an internet search for hand-braided horse hair bracelets, and sifted through a few different companies and artists who make them.  I found the website for TailSpinBracelets.com and from the photos of all the beautiful horse hair items they make, I knew this was where I wanted to order my bracelet from.

I had a few questions, so I called and spoke with a representative named Katie Jolley, who answered them and assured me on every point.  Yes, they could make a bracelet with just a small ten-inch section of hair about as big around as a pencil.  No, I didn’t need to wash it in advance, as they partner with Cowboy Magic, and use their conditioner and shine product for horses and humans.  They would return any unused hair so I could save it as well, and the bracelet would be shipped with insurance and a tracking number.  They could even engrave Rudy’s name on the back of a little silver lucky horse shoe charm to personalize the bracelet!

I mailed my horse hair in a resealable bag with my name and phone number attached, and the finished bracelet arrived in less than a week!  I was so surprised and excited to have it back so soon.  When I opened it, it was perfect.  Rudy’s black and silver strands of hair were smoothly braided into a flat braid with silver caps at each end, a silver clasp, and the lucky horse shoe charm.  It fit perfectly, and felt comfortable on my arm.  I paired it with a few strands of black beads to complement the horse hair bracelet.

Here’s the result:Handmade Horse Hair Bracelet

My Rudy Bracelet

Tail Spin Bracelets
Engraved Charm on Horse Hair BraceletI am so happy to have a part of Rudy that’s still here with me.  This bracelet brings back so many wonderful memories and helps me feel like I can always keep him close even though he’s gone.  Thank you, Tail Spin Bracelets, for crafting such a beautiful piece!Tail Spin Bracelets Contact Info

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