Summer Riding Job

June 12, 2013
Summer Riding Job in the Idaho Mountains

I got a phone call from my dad in Idaho the other day…that doesn’t happen very often, but he had an important request.  Being internet-deprived, he asked me to post an advertisement for him to hire a couple of cowboys or “riders”, as they call them, for the summer months.  So I put a Help [...]

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May 25, 2013
Going To The Rodeo

When I was a teenager, this time of year was so exciting. School was ended and we were free to ride horses all day, which was pretty much all that was on my agenda. While Dad finished up the spring planting, we kids would be putting cattle out to pasture and checking on the late-calvers daily. There was so much to do on horseback!

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Roundup Rules

April 15, 2013
Rules For Helping With Cattle Work on A Ranch

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked cattle on horseback (well, almost a year to be exact!), but I used to do it every day when I was a teenager. I learned so much about cattle when I was working alongside my dad. His approach to working cattle was very practical and methodical; my dad is a very patient individual. But he never really explained things—he expected us to know what he was thinking, to understand what the cattle were going to do before they did it, and to be exactly in the right place to control them at all times. This article is an attempt to do just that: guidelines for handling cattle for the beginner.

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Dreaming Of Horses

March 20, 2013
Kerrie Tischer, Author of

Our third child was born in January. Being pregnant all last summer really put a stop to my riding. I have ridden horses while pregnant, but of the ones we have now, only one is deemed safe enough by my husband for me to ride while carrying a child, and it has just been so busy we have done nothing with the horses except feed them and try to maintain their health through the winter.

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Book Giveaway: Pie, An Old Brown Horse

February 23, 2013
Pie: An Old Brown Horse (That Knows What He Is Doing)

It is my pleasure to offer another great horse story to my readers by way of a book giveaway! This book is uniquely written in the voice of the horse himself, named Pie, an old brown cowhorse. It’s very interesting to look at the world through the eyes of a horse, and this book lays out this individual horse’s life with vivid descriptions and unforgettable scenarios. I loved meeting each of the horses presented in this story; they were described so well I felt like part of their herd.

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Crossing Water

February 9, 2013
Training A Horse To Cross Water

Walking through water can be one of the hardest things for a horse to accept, and his fear is often based on his past experiences. If he’s never seen it before, or if he’s been forced into it or struggled with by a rider over crossing water, then it’s going to be a big obstacle for him to overcome. No matter how much horse experience you have, when you’re working to overcome something like this you have to have a lot of patience and be willing to spend the time it takes to help the horse get past his fear of crossing water.

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When Good Horses Turn Sour

January 23, 2013
When Good Horses Turn Sour

A common scenario in horse ownership goes something like this: “We were shopping for a horse for our teenage daughter and found the perfect gelding. A seasoned show horse with a willing attitude…his owner assured us he would fulfill all of our expectations. Two months after bringing him home, he became headstrong, barn sour, started balking, and eventually rearing.

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Don’t Be Rude!

January 18, 2013
Don't Be Rude To Your Horse

I attended a training clinic several years ago, put on by a good friend of mine, Kevin Wescott, a horse trainer from west-central Nebraska. It was a general horsemanship clinic, where local people brought their own horses and asked Kevin to help them through issues they were having, or give advice on their riding, and so on. I was there with my mare Daisy, whose behavior at this clinic you might remember from my previous blog post. But aside from that, I observed something at this clinic that has stuck in my mind ever since.

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Good Disposition

January 6, 2013
Good Disposition In Horses

I have said before—and been quoted as saying—that a horse is born with it’s disposition. Good or bad, that horse can only be one way the rest of its life, and any amount of training is merely a slight modification of the true nature of the horse. But I think I have to change that statement slightly by saying that a horse’s disposition is formed at a very early age (not exactly at birth) and once it has formed that initial, instinctive code of conduct, it is set—good or bad—and it’s very difficult to change it completely.

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Welcome Winter

November 24, 2012
Have A Wonderful Winter!

This season has come along so suddenly, I am struck with the startling realization that fall is almost over and those harvest-colored sunshine days that I used to love to go riding on are almost past. Winter is coming. The pessimistic side of me is dreading the frozen water tanks, fierce winds, sub-zero temperatures, and the aching fingers I get from handling a cold pitchfork. I don’t like the effects of daylight savings time, with it’s short days and cold nights. But winter brings more than that. There will be sledding excursions for the kids, bright sparkling mornings where the snow has given everything a fresh coat of white glitter, the desire for a cup of hot chocolate and a longer cuddle than you’d want in the summertime…..there are some really great things about winter.

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How To Muck A Stall

October 29, 2012
How To Muck A Stall

I grew up in the country, but I wasn’t born in a barn. More like a cornfield. We had a barn, but it was not your typical horse stable, and the horses never slept in it. It had a room we kept the saddles in and a heat lamp for baby calves that were chilled and needed a dry space to warm up in the winter, it had a stanchion area for milking a cow (that was one of my jobs when I was in high school), and it had a bigger open area we saddled the horses in, and then two stalls and a headgate for restraining cows if they wouldn’t let their calves nurse or if they needed help calving. I spent a lot of time in our barn as a child, but I didn’t learn how to muck a stall until I was in my twenties.

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Horse Maintenance

October 1, 2012
Vet Care For Horses

Usually my horse maintenance plan goes something like this: pitching hay morning and night and making sure they’re all walking on four legs. But sometimes horses require more than that. We had the vet come out the other day, to castrate our buckskin yearling stallion and check on his mother’s health. Both of the buckskins have lost body condition in the year that we have owned them, and we wanted to get a professional evalution from a veterinarian on how to counteract that. We weren’t sure if it was a tooth problem or lack of adequate nutrition for the mare, and the colt needed gelded and is looking a little bony as well.

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Dorothy the Hereford Cow

September 18, 2012
Dorothy The Hereford Cow

This is Dorothy, our favorite pet cow. Disregarding the fact that I grew up on a ranch where we really didn’t name cattle, as all of the calves were destined for the sale pen and most of the cows were a uniform black color with no distinguishing characteristics…we now have a small enough herd with enough color variations and personalities to be able to tell them apart and call them by name. So we have Dorothy, a glossy red and white Hereford cow. She has a very sweet temperament, is the most laid-back and gentle cow I’ve ever seen, and our affection for her over-rules all common sense, because a smart cattleman would have sold her long ago.

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How To Buy Horse Tack

September 15, 2012
How To Buy Horse Tack

For the beginning horse enthusiast, the task of buying all the stuff that is needed for horse ownership can be exhausting. It can also drain your bank account very quickly, and without prior experience you might find yourself buying things you will never use, or horse items that aren’t the best quality. This article will provide you with the best websites to find tack and used tack, some tips on choosing what to buy, and some guidelines to hopefully prevent you from spending too much.

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I’ve Been Everywhere

August 31, 2012
My Husband and I

Okay, so it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here at CowgirlDiary, and I apologize…it’s been summer and a lot has happened, and—sad to say—none of it was horse-related. But it’s been fun, and busy, and crazy, and I’m just now getting to sit down and sort through photos and reminisce a little bit about the great summer we had. And I’m also feeling sad that it’s already gone!

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How To Make a Horse Keepsake Box

July 26, 2012
How To Make A Horse Keepsake Box

When I was sixteen years old, my dad bought me a beautiful black colt to train. That colt took all of my focus, my affection, my time, and attention, and I was devastated a few months later when he got badly hurt and had to be put down. I remember making a promise to him, in those last painful moments, saying I would never forget him, and that I would keep his memory alive forever. It was the most difficult part of my teenage years, giving up on that colt.

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Passion or Pastime?

July 14, 2012
Me and My Mare Daisy

I’ve been mulling a bit lately, over the horse ownership thing again. I’ve mentioned before that I feel guilty about owning horses and not spending much time with them, aside from feeding time. I confess that it’s been about three months since I’ve ridden….in fact, I can’t even remember the ride at all, or when it was. I have a pretty good excuse for not riding any broncs, though….I’m pregnant with our third child.

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Horse Book Giveaway

June 26, 2012
Horse Book Giveaway Contest

So here’s our third giveaway for the month of June—isn’t this fun?!!! This week I am featuring the paperback version of Horses Never Lie About Love, by Jana Harris, which I have reviewed before on my blog. It’s a true life story, nothing fictional about it, but it gives you a clear picture of one horsewoman’s devotion to her dream, and this really different sort of horse that she falls in love with. I think any horse lover would enjoy this book, and you can win your very own copy right here on

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Just Like In The Movies

June 21, 2012
Old West Movies and Horsemanship They Taught Us

Most of us horse lovers have been inspired by horses and riders in the movies at one point or another. Whether it was growing up watching Bonanza or seeing Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken for the first time, those horses and the people who rode them made a big impact on us and deepened our interest in becoming a rider or owning our own horse someday. There are just a few things that have crossed my mind when watching some of the Hollywood-style riding, and wanted to comment for the benefit of the total beginning horse enthusiast.

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Horse Bracelet Giveaway

June 18, 2012
Horse Charm Bracelet Giveaway

I’m so excited to share this with you! This week’s giveaway is a beautiful beaded bracelet with silver horse themed accents and intricate detailing, offered by WyoStyle, and designed by Equestrian Designer Kerstin Stock. Additionally, WyoStyle is offering a discount to all readers. Their items are uniquely designed for horse enthusiasts, and you’ll really like the great quality of this jewelry.

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