Cowgirl MakeupA cowgirl friend of mine (Allie, who blogs over at Rocking E Cowgirl) asked me if I would be interested in trying out some ShadowSense eye shadow.  I’m not one to go buy the latest greatest thing, but I like wearing makeup so I said, “Sure!”

From what I had heard about LipSense, I knew the basic edge this line of makeup has over other competing products is that it stays on all day.  So my first question to Allie was, “How do you get this stuff off?”  She said you can rub it to blend it as soon as you put it on, and remove some that way, or just use your regular makeup remover at the end of the day.

So she sent me the Garnet shade of ShadowSense, which is a crème-to-powder formula, water resistant, anti-aging, highly pigmented, designed to last color.  You can use it as eye shadow, eye liner, brow filler, lip color, contour color, or even blush.  I agreed to try it out and write a review on it if I liked it.

So normally when I put on makeup, I like to use a black eyeshadow to line my eyes, rather than an eye liner.  Eye liner just leaves too harsh of an edge and doesn’t look natural enough for me.  From there, I usually just use some beige or gray colors over the eyelid, and highlight the brow bone with a lighter color–cream or white.  I only use mascara if it’s a special occasion, and rarely bother with much more than eye makeup and a bit of lip gloss.

I decided to try this ShadowSense as an eyeliner.  The wand is a little chunky, so if you wanted a thin line, you’d have to use a different brush.  But I just paint on a good thick line with the wand, and then keep my eyes lowered while it dries.  If using as eyeshadow, you would blend and smear it while wet.  But I’m going for full-color dark pigment, so I don’t touch it while it’s drying.

I follow it up with my normal eye shadow routine:  black powder eye shadow brushed on right over top of the garnet ShadowSense.  Then a beige, or copper, or gray eye shadow over the eye lid, and highlight the brow bone with the lightest color.  Cowgirl Eye Shadow Tips

What I have discovered after using the ShadowSense eye shadow is that my makeup really does last all day.  And I don’t have any trouble washing it off with just water at the end of the day.  I was afraid it would be like waterproof mascara and not wash off, but it isn’t hard to clean up at all.Before And After ShadowSense Eye Shadow

I figure if you’re going to go to the trouble of putting on makeup, it’s great to be able to expect it to last all day.  I’m pretty busy with my four kids, five horses, twenty-something barn cats, and trying to keep up with life.  And while the term “pushing forty” has never scared me, it is where I’m at now, and I feel much better about it if I’m looking better than I did when I was twenty.

If you’re feeling the same way, head over and join my friend Allie’s facebook group Cowgirl Kisses, and you can order some ShadowSense for yourself!Garnet ShadowSense


Farm Life

April 4, 2017
Farm Life

It has been busy around here, and I can’t believe it’s April and three months have passed since my last blog post.  One of my excuses is that it’s calving season, and this year has been especially difficult.  When cattle are involved, there’s always trouble of some sort.  This spring, we have had cows with stillborn babies, cows that needed stitches before and after calving, cows that needed their calf pulled, cows that wouldn’t feed and take care of their babies, and cows that just died, for whatever reason.  We’ve had cows getting out, bulls breaking their round bale feeders, a new bull that is really wild and high headed so we have him penned up with an old cow trying to gentle him and feed him by hand so he learns we are friendly.  Such is life….on a farm.

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AQHA Mares For Sale in Idaho

January 31, 2017
Mares For Sale In Idaho

These two AQHA mares are being offered for sale, located at my dad’s place in Challis, Idaho.  They have been raised, trained, and ridden on his ranch, sometimes used to work cattle and sometimes for recreational riding.  Dad retired a year ago, sold the cattle and the ranch, and dispersed of most of the horses.  He planned to keep these two mares, since they were young and rideable, and he thought they would be used when grandkids came to visit as well as his yearly horseback elk hunts.

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The Beauty of Fall Horseback Riding

November 15, 2016
Buckskins Running

I started giving horseback riding lessons to two little girls this past summer.  With fall approaching, daylight savings time changing things up, and the temperatures dropping, we started feeling like our horse riding time might be nearing an end.  So we decided with these warm fall days still lingering here in the Midwest, we would make the best of them!  We went on a fun trail ride on a beautiful Saturday morning, and had a wonderful ride.

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Book Giveaway: The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse

October 24, 2016
Book Giveaway: Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse

Alert all your horse-loving and book-reading friends! is giving away a new book, just released this month! It is The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse by Victoria Shade, and is a memoir written about her life growing up with horses and learning dressage, finally getting a horse of her own, and finding out that her biggest dreams were never out of reach. If you love reading horse stories, you will really enjoy this book.

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Stitches For Daisy

October 5, 2016
My Mare Daisy Gets Stitches

Well, just when everything is finally going good…the pony recovering from her tendon injury down at summer pasture with the two buckskins, and the older mares at home being used for weekly riding lessons…disaster strikes. Sunday we were at the farm after lunch, planning to work on rebuilding a fence, and so while we were there I went to let the mares out to graze. They ran out through the gate and into the grassy yard, and I noticed that Cricket went right to eating, but Daisy laid down and rolled. This seemed strange, and we usually watch them for abnormal rolling, which indicates stomach pain associated with colic. But I knew it couldn’t be colic, since they were just now being turned out on grass.

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Riding Lessons For Beginners

September 20, 2016
Riding Lessons For Beginners

I was recently asked by a friend of mine if I would give horseback riding lessons to her two daughters. I have never taken riding lessons, and never given a formal riding lesson. But it sounded like fun to me, so I said “yes”. The girls are beginner riders, and I am a beginner teacher, but fortunately we have two older mares to learn with, and that makes it all possible. We will have our fourth lesson this week, and I have discovered that it is as fun for me as it is for the girls!

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A Western Wedding

September 4, 2016
A Western Wedding

This is when you know you’re a true cowgirl, right? You go wedding dress shopping, and your only requirement is that the skirt be full enough for you to swing up into the saddle! My sister asked me to photograph their beautiful wedding in the mountains of Idaho. I had so much fun, and the western backdrop made the pictures effortlessly beautiful.

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Meet Trixie

July 18, 2016
Meet Our New Horse Trixie

As I recently browsed the Nebraska/Iowa Horses For Sale pages on Facebook, I kept seeing a lot of ponies.  So I mentioned to my husband that we should get a pony while the kids are still little.  He said, “No horses.  But I might consider a pony for the kids.”  Well, you know….that was a […]

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Catching Up

June 30, 2016
Me Riding Horseback At Age One

This is me, at age one, riding my trusty horse. Wow…it’s been a long time since I’ve written here at CowgirlDiary! I love blogging, but sometimes it’s hard to keep with the theme here because I have not been doing much riding lately, and when there is little to no horse activity, it’s hard to find the inspiration to write. I do have several updates though, so here goes: We sent Cletus, our five year old buckskin gelding, out to South Dakota the first of May.

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Allergies In Horses

April 21, 2016
Allergies In Horses

It’s always something. This time, it’s our twenty-three-year-old horse Red, who has developed severe allergies and has what is called “heaves” in horses, or COPD in humans. The symptoms are a deep cough, difficulty breathing so you see his sides “heave” in and out with each breath (hence, the name “heaves”), lack of appetite or interest in eating, which contributes to weight loss, and lethargy. It’s been less than six months since Red came to live with us, and he was such a lively, spooky, fat, healthy horse that it is really sad to see him in his current condition.

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Progress With Penny’s Pastern Cut

March 31, 2016
Progress With Penny's Pastern Cut

Read up on Penny’s pastern injury! I kept Penny in a stall for a month, doctoring her wound daily and trying to keep it as clean as possible. Every day I would clean the wound with Vetericyn spray, then cut a section of cotton padding, slather it with Nitrofurazone ointment, place it over the cut area, and wrap it with vet wrap. I cannot believe how well the wound has healed, and how she is almost back to full movement in a little over a month.

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Pictures of Rudy

March 8, 2016
My Horse Rudy

I wanted to post a collection of photos of my horse Rudy through the years, just to remember him by. He was the best horse in the world. I remember in high school I entered a writing contest and the title of my essay was “The Best Horse in the World”…I don’t remember everything I […]

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A Memento For Rudy

February 20, 2016
Tailspin Bracelet Made From Rudy's Tail

When Rudy had to be put down, I saved a strand of his tail hair to have something made to remember him by. The week after his death, I did an internet search for hand-braided horse hair bracelets, and sifted through a few different companies and artists who make them. I found the website for and from the photos of all the beautiful horse hair items they make, I knew this was where I wanted to order my bracelet from.

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Treating a Pastern Cut

February 16, 2016
Penny In Her Stall With Pastern Injury

I haven’t had the best luck with my horses this winter. I went out Monday morning (a week ago) to feed, and saw Penny standing out by the hay feeder alone. All the other horses were inside their run-in shed, as it was a cold morning with high winds and blowing snow. I didn’t think too much about it, until I got out of the pickup and heard her whinny. I thought to myself, “I have never heard Penny whinny before.”

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Even The Very Best Ones

January 27, 2016
Rudy and Me

I lost my horse Rudy on the 3rd of January. He was almost twenty-eight years old, and ever since he came to live with us in October, I have worried about him. I knew he wasn’t going to live forever, but I had hoped for a few more years, especially now that we were reunited. I had mentally prepared myself for being with him during his last days, but it’s still such a sad reality that even the very best ones die.

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What Giving Brings

December 20, 2015
New Saddle That Was Given To Us

This time of year, it’s an expected thing to receive gifts.  Around Christmas time you get a new calendar from the feed store, a pair of gloves from the company you buy your calf vaccine from, a candy cane from some random Santa you meet while shopping, a bonus from the work place…and so it […]

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Old Soldiers, Home At Last

November 2, 2015
Our New Horse Red

Last week we had a special visit from my parents. They drove all the way from Idaho to Iowa pulling a gooseneck trailer with six horses in it, dropping off two at our place, staying overnight and spending the next day with us, then continuing on their way to two other siblings’ homes to deliver the rest of the horses. After 50 + years of ranching, my parents are finally retiring, selling their ranch and cattle, giving away most of their twenty-some horses and mules, and buying a house in town and a travel trailer to enjoy some southern winters and visits to grandkids.

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Riding Cletus

September 30, 2015
Riding Our Buckskin Gelding for the First Time

We have reached another milestone in our horse life: we rode Cletus, our four year old buckskin gelding! If you remember, we bought him as a baby alongside his mother, Penny, in the fall of 2011. Last November, we sent him to the Rosebud Indian Reservation for a crash course in behaving under saddle….the trainer raved about him and said he was the best horse he’s ever trained. So then we brought him home and (due to me being pregnant and my husband being very busy) he stood around in our corral for almost another year. The good news is that we have been riding him this summer!

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A Cowgirl’s Hat

September 20, 2015
Cowgirl Hat from

I grew up riding horses. Raised on a ranch, working cattle, living to be horseback, loving the country life…I was a cowgirl if ever there was one. But I’ve often said that I never really looked like the stereotypical cowgirl–no fringed leather, no turquoise-and-silver jewelry, no wild rag around my neck, and no hat. For me, it was more about the horse than what I was wearing, and I’ve never felt that the horses minded if I looked the part or not. But I finally got a hat!

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